The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Monitoring prices are a time-consuming task. To make it easy we have developed this tool, you select which products and competitors you want to monitor and we will collect their prices.

You can then view a price history and set up alerts if prices drop below or increased above a threshold. This allows you to free up time to do other more important tasks.

Monitoring prices are useful

When running a webshop you need to have competitive pricing, else you will lose business. You need to open your competitors' websites every day to write down the price. It is a time-consuming task, but the prices do not change that often, so most of the time it does not add any value. But you need to do it!

We make it easy

Instead, you can let our system do the monitoring and just get an alert when the prices change. This frees up your time to do other tasks, and you still know instantly when your competitors change prices.

You can even integrate the monitoring with Woocommerce to allow automatic price changes to happen. This makes sure that you always remain competitive even if you are on vacation. And more important, why sell your products cheaper than your competitors, so if they increase their price you want to increase with them.

Custom API

If you have more custom needs our REST API allows direct integration to any system you have.

Price comparison website If you want to create a price comparison website we have an additional feature. Using a widget that plugs directly into Wordpress you can easily expose the pricing information on your website. The widget will fit into any website and it allows you to change links to products to allow for affiliate links and other changed you need. And best of all, you can skip all the maintenance work since we will make sure the monitoring works as expected.

The Details

We have two different packages

To fit your need

Free for ever

  • Update prices weekly
  • View price history for the last month
  • Create monitors for 100 products
  • Create 10 alerts
  • Use a branded Wordpress widget to show prices on your website

Pro version

  • Update prices hourly
  • View price history for all time periods
  • Create monitors for an unlimited amount of products
  • Create unlimited alerts for price changes
  • Use a Wordpress widget to show prices on your website
  • Woocommerce integration
  • API Access
  • $99 / mth

The Endorsements

Wordpress Widget

If you need a pricecomparison widget, this will allow you to add it to any Wordpress page in 3 easy steps

Woocommerce integration

Have price information for your competitors directly when you edit products in you Woocommerce system.

API Integration

If you have special needs you can hook into our system using the same API that we use our self.